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  1. elisadevelon Moderator Oct 09, 2014

    Quote by pamkipsI dropped out! I was sick the last month (end of August/most of September) and wasn't able to finish due to time constraints so I dropped out. :c

    In all case congrats everyone! All of the entries were beautiful (everyone's so talented) + good luck in the final round! :D

    Too bad to hear that. It's a shame you couldn't make it. :/

    And thank you! (At least for myself.) :)

  2. HaouJudai6 Sep 23, 2014

    Your welcome.

  3. ahhhhhzness Sep 21, 2014

    Quote by pamkips Tysm for the fav! ❤ C:

    my pleasure :)

  4. BurnedToast Sep 20, 2014

    Quote by pamkips tysm for the fav! C:

    no problem i thought it was pretty cool.

  5. adri24rukiachan Sep 19, 2014

    Quote by pamkips Tysm for the fav! ❤ C:

    you're welcome! :)

  6. Hooyaah Sep 19, 2014

    Quote by pamkips yooo thanks for the fav~ :33

    No problem, it was an especially awesome contest submission. Keep up the great work!

  7. Painter Sep 19, 2014

    Thanks for the fav :)

  8. Kurorisa Sep 16, 2014

    Quote by pamkipsAhhh thank you so much for the fav! (◠‿◠✿)

    you're welcome! loved your entry the most. good luck with the knockout!

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