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  1. elisadevelon Moderator Oct 09, 2014

    Quote by pamkipsI dropped out! I was sick the last month (end of August/most of September) and wasn't able to finish due to time constraints so I dropped out. :c

    In all case congrats everyone! All of the entries were beautiful (everyone's so talented) + good luck in the final round! :D

    Too bad to hear that. It's a shame you couldn't make it. :/

    And thank you! (At least for myself.) :)

  2. HaouJudai6 Sep 23, 2014

    Your welcome.

  3. ahhhhhzness Sep 21, 2014

    Quote by pamkips Tysm for the fav! ❤ C:

    my pleasure :)

  4. Tsasu Sep 20, 2014

    Quote by pamkips tysm for the fav! C:

    no problem i thought it was pretty cool.

  5. adri24rukiachan Sep 19, 2014

    Quote by pamkips Tysm for the fav! ❤ C:

    you're welcome! :)

  6. Hooyaah Sep 19, 2014

    Quote by pamkips yooo thanks for the fav~ :33

    No problem, it was an especially awesome contest submission. Keep up the great work!

  7. Painter Sep 19, 2014

    Thanks for the fav :)

  8. Kurorisa Sep 16, 2014

    Quote by pamkipsAhhh thank you so much for the fav! (◠‿◠✿)

    you're welcome! loved your entry the most. good luck with the knockout!

  9. Angi Retired Moderator Sep 08, 2014

    Quote by pamkips Thanks for the fav~ :33 <33

    you're welcome :3

  10. Mayuuki Sep 08, 2014

    Quote by pamkips
    Thank you! Yeah, it's awful because it'll keep bothering you until you do it ahahaha. Awww I liked your wall, it was very creative! :3

    I love Asuka too, she's my feisty princess. ❤

    BLESS YOU ALL FOR SITTING THERE AND ACTUALLY READING MY RAMBLES. Y'ALL ARE SAINTS. ❤ Awwwww thank you so much! Gosh, really happy you like it. C:

    Thank youuuuuu! Aww, thanks! ❤ I'm just really bad at just relaxing and doing things, I tend to stress and let my anxiety consume me. :( ANYWAYS THANK YOU! *squishes face* ❤❤❤❤❤

    Hahaha, yeah! Always is too hard for me to be truly happy with something, so I spend a lot of time doing changes and mostly times I feel so tired at the end that I just upload it as it's. It's a pain. @__@
    Awn, thank you! Now it's looking much more better (not so good as yours but at least usable, trust me), just have to finish two layers of brushes behind the main characters and I'll give up. Maybe today after work I can finish, I'll poke you when it's done for you give a look. :3

    Asuka is the best thing came from Evangelion, hahaha. I have a crush on Mari too (she is almost a copy of me), but Asuka ftw. <3

    haushasuashasuahsuas~ Comments are made to be read, so why not spend some time with then? And yours were so exagerated sometimes that I had to laugh, sorry. xD
    And as I said before, I really have to learn from your goddess skills, sensei. ~

    Don't be so stressed, it give you white hair! Go listen some good music and work on the ideas, when you see it'll be done! :D
    (yeah, it work for me when I don't leave almost all the work to the deadline LOL)

  11. KiyanaIkebana Sep 07, 2014

    Quote: pamkips
    Thank you so much for the fav! <33

    You are welcome! Your entry was the best of the "retro" competition <3 Good luck for the next round! ;)

  12. pandemonium91 Retired Moderator Sep 07, 2014

    Lmao don't worry, I like reading long descriptions (they're like novellas stories!). I usually write long PMs so spoiler tags come in handy a lot XD
    Your wall is really great - both versions! But I definitely know where you're coming from with the perfectionism; doesn't matter if everyone tells me I have nothing else to add/change, if I feel there's something out of place I won't rest 'til I find it!
    And yeah I could tell you weren't mad, I abuse caps lock too XD And curse words, to the others' dismay, haha.

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